Life Insurance & Income Protection

Our specialist Protection Team at Winfields Insurance Brokers can secure personal protection for you and your family should anything happen to you or your income. This includes life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover. You’ll always receive an unbiased recommendation from us on the best possible surface for your needs because we’re not tied to any individual insurance provider and have access to all high-quality providers in the market. Find out more.

Residential Property and Personal Insurance

It is suggested that, in the UK, one million people each year find themselves in a position where they cannot work due to severe illness or injury. Income protection is designed to give you some cover if you find yourself in that position.

If you are not in a position where you can survive off of savings or sick pay if something happens, then income protection insurance is a way to ensure your bills are still paid.

If you invest time and money in your home and business, you should ensure they are protected. Our specialist insurance advisers work closely with a network of approved insurance providers to guide you on the most competitive and comprehensive insurance options, whether for life, home, content or business insurance.

Home & Contents Insurance

Having Property Insurance is now compulsory for every written mortgage offer. You can now ensure your property more efficiently than ever before. You can find comprehensive and competitive cover through Winfields Insurance Brokers, whether you want a simple quote or speak to an expert for specialist and guided advice. Find out more.