Sales Market Update April 2023

Winfields Sales and Lettings Torquay

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The property market appears to be quite active, with a good level of demand from both buyers and sellers. According to recent reports, there has been a significant increase in the number of people looking to buy property, particularly in specific areas such as Torbay.

This is generally good news for sellers, as there is likely to be a healthy level of interest in their property. However, with more properties coming onto the market, sellers will need to be competitive with their pricing and presentation to attract the attention of buyers.

For buyers, the current market can be both positive and challenging. On the one hand, there is a good selection of properties to choose from, and interest rates remain relatively low, making borrowing more affordable. However, competition for desirable properties can be intense, and buyers may need to act quickly to secure the property they want.

Regarding the overall property market, there are indications that it continues to move, albeit slower than in previous years. There are some regional variations, with specific areas experiencing more robust growth than others, but overall the market appears reasonably stable.

As for the South Devon area specifically, recent data suggests that there has been a steady level of property sales in the region over the last few months. While the precise number of sales can vary weekly, evidence suggests that the property market is healthy.

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